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How does your zodiac sign influence your choice of jewelry

Jewelry According to Zodiac Signs

People used the skies as calendars when they first became aware that the world around them is changing in a repetitive pattern. They started looking at the movement of the celestial bodies and tried to make some predictions based on those movements. Later on, those same movements and positions provided answers to the questions that rose from different aspects of human life, including human personality, everyday life, and the future. This divine way of deducing potential through the positions of the planets in the twelve houses at the time of someone’s birth has been present in human history for several millenniums. Based on those positions, each of us is born under a certain zodiac sign and with certain personality traits and prospects that can guide us through life and affect our many mundane and less mundane choices. It is even reflected in the way our zodiac signs influence our choice of jewelry. As I see it, if something has existed for so long, then its roots must be very strong and hold some truth in the way we see the world or ourselves. Even today, we are still drawn to it for some reason. You are free to pass your own judgment on it.  


They like to reflect their boldness in every aspect of their lives. They impress people around them with their high energy and they like to take the lead. They have a cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Uncomplicated and direct in their approach, they often get frustrated by exhaustive details and unnecessary nuances. That is why they love bold and trendy jewelry, large and chunky pieces, preferably with an angular design and unusual shapes. For Aries people size matters, and when it comes to choosing jewelry the bigger it is the better.


Taurus people are consistent and stable, also stubborn and passionate. They can even be considered conservative. They love the finer things in life and they are enchanted by any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury. People born under the Taurus sign are known for their tenacity and slow adaptability to change. This is reflected in their choice of jewelry and they rarely go for trendy pieces. Their style consists of classic and elegant pieces of jewelry. This sign is outstanding in making incredible fashion choices and their focus is always on expensive and tasteful jewelry.


Gemini people are easy-going, intellectually curious, and flexible. They can see more than one perspective in any given situation. They are in this world to mend differences. Communication is paramount for them. They are always looking for different streams of transmission to express what they know, how they feel, and what they are working on. Jewelry is one of those streams. They look for uniqueness and variations in their jewelry choices and you can find them wearing different pieces on a daily basis. They like quirky jewelry and a combination of different materials or styles which is a reflection of their intrinsic duality.


Cancers frequently appear cold and restrained, but underneath the shell is their intuitive and empathic soul capable of great love and understanding. Only a few of their friends and lovers can see their loyalty, commitment, and emotional depth. They always follow their heart and their emotional nature makes them care for the meaning of the jewelry more than its value. They cling to things, people, and emotions and they will treasure any piece that has an emotional reason behind it. They will wear jewelry that is close to their heart, no matter the style or the design. For them, it will be in style forever.


Leos are glorious optimists and leaders of the zodiac world with their big hearts and extroverted energy. Vivacious, theatrical, and passionate, Leos love all things shiny and beautiful. They love to be at the center of attention and want to feel like royalty. They want to be noticed for their style and jewelry. These kings and queens of the celestial jungle love wearing gold jewelry or anything that can immediately impress people. After all, every Leo sees themselves as a celebrity so it doesn’t matter what kind of piece they wear as long as it is extravagant and eye-catching.


Analytical thinking and their unique logic make Virgos the detail-oriented organizers of the Zodiac world. Virgos like to keep their lives, surroundings, and style in order. They are perfectionists at heart. Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details. That is also reflected in their choice of jewelry. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance so they don’t like pieces that move a lot. They prefer simple and delicate pieces, with lots of details but nothing too bold or flashy. Their style is elegant and sophisticated and they usually prefer minimalist jewelry.


Libras are the aesthetes of the zodiac. They love beauty in every form and shape. They need to surround themselves with stunning objects and create environments that reflect their exquisite tastes. They passionately strive for balance and harmony in life. Most Libras are strongly motivated by physical appearance so they constantly follow the trends and make their style choices accordingly. Their jewelry must be fashionable. They easily get influenced by the latest vogue and adapt to it with their style. They like to choose basic and colorful jewelry and have different pieces for every occasion.


Scorpios like to keep their emotions to themselves. For them, life is a game of chess and they always plan ahead in order to have the desired outcome. They are mysterious, very intuitive, and deep. Scorpios form intense and passionate connections with their loved ones. People are seduced by their enigmatic nature and they don’t want to express their traits and emotions through their style. Therefore, they tend to choose jewelry with less detail and more plain shapes. Their true nature is rather elusive for other people; they like jewelry pieces that make a mystical impression, just like their personality.


The most optimistic people around you are Sagittarius. They have an ability to see the good in anything and everything, which helps them spread the joy around. They like to have fun and travel a lot, exploring new cultures and philosophies. The restless spirit of Sagittarius people is rarely fully accepted by common people and pain is often hidden behind their smiles. Their home is the whole world and their adventurous nature is expressed in the way they choose their jewelry pieces. It’s not the value that they cherish, but the memories attached to those pieces. Their jewelry collection is like a photo album and a map all in one.


Capricorn representatives possess excellent self-control and are very success-driven. Very traditional and often very serious by nature, Capricorn is the physical reflection of ambition supported with good planning. When they set a goal, nothing in this world can stop them. Time and responsibility are important to this sign and when it comes to jewelry, they prefer watches and anything that is valuable and timeless. Their pragmatic zodiac sign nature makes them think of jewelry as both an accessory and an investment; they generally go for high-end, expensive pieces.


Freedom fighters, eccentrics, and idealists – Aquarians are all of that and more. They are highly intellectual and progressive, yet shy and quiet at times. Aquarius people always have an inner personality they keep for themselves and they don’t easily open up to people. They are brave and very open-minded so they like unique ideas. When choosing jewelry, they look for practicality as well as good quality. They like to invent things and always think ahead of time so they want to wear jewelry that will make them stand out or would wear nothing at all.


Pisceans are shy and hard to understand at first and they have an incredible emotional capacity. Pisces’s attention is constantly divided between fantasy and reality. They are psychic and compassionate so they are often overwhelmed by emotions. They have a natural ability for arts and crafts and they are well-known for their dreamy nature. They have a vivid imagination and are easily impressionable. Their jewelry taste changes with their moods. Their style choices also change with their emotions and the trend they want to follow next. What they will wear depends on how they feel at the moment.

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